We are mothers, as well as event organisers, so we both know what it is like to organise a communion oneself and we know that it is much more than a Christian, family gathering.

The first communion is a Catholic ritual where children receive the sacrament of the Eucharist for the first time. Children usually go to church and later a celebration is held with families and close friends. It is not a very large celebration, like that of a wedding, as a smaller number of people who are close to the family are invited.

In our opinion, it is essential to choose a good photographer for the occasion, as the photographs will be a memory for a lifetime.

Cuisine is also important an important factor, special attention needs to be taken with children’s menus that adapt to their tastes and ages, there are usually quite a few children at this type of celebration.

We have already organised a large number of communions and we always start with a common theme that is used to develop the entire creative concept and one that is reflected in the decoration.

We also design the cards that are so important in communions, while making an effort to be both creative and original, as these are the gifts that the children usually give to family and friends.

We have organised dainty, feminine communions for girls, while those for boys have included themes on fishing, Lego, motorcycles and even Star Wars. The idea is to organise an original event and one that is especially focused on children, we also take care of the entertainment side of the day. We can provide magicians, mentalists, singers, caricaturists, inflatable toys, and more, everything it takes for children to have a great time!

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